Developing Global Competencies in Higher Education

What does global competency mean in the context of the co-curriculum? (provide 2-3 sentence succinct overview) Global competencies in the context of co-curriculum represent those extra and co-curricular activities that complement the curriculum. In that sense, the co-curriculum has to be linked to the mission of the university. These activities should be geared towards learning about issues in more than one way and attempt to answer the question of how people of the globe experience the same things we experience.
What are the educational outcomes consistent with global competencies in the co-curriculum? As co-curricular activities are regarded as those out-of-the-classroom-activities that complement the classroom learning, the desired educational outcomes are similar to those put forth by the curriculum. In that sense, the co-curricular activities need to be institutionalized in order to facilitate educational goals consistent with curricular goals.
What practices/techniques need to be developed to achieve these outcomes? Although co-curricular activities must continue to complement what happens in the classroom, institutions should gradually move from defining these activities as ones that merely complement the curriculum to co-curricular activities that are an integral part of the curriculum. One way to achieve this is to offer as many opportunities as we can to complement what happens in the classroom as the first step.
Presuming that global competencies cannot be fostered in students if they don’t have global interest, how does one instill global interest within the co-curriculum? Exposure! Co-curriculum, like the curriculum needs to be infused with global themes, which leads to gradual transformation of co-curricular activities. However, incentives are necessary to drive students to various events, even though we can provide exposure, hence the necessity of moving from traditional notions of complementing the curriculum to being integral part of the curriculum
What are the leadership dimensions needed, and who must exercise them, if global competencies in the co-curriculum are to be created? The leadership needs to happen at multiple levels, starting with faculty and administration. Naturally, student leadership and student life need to be on board as well. Finally, community outreach and support can also be beneficial in this effort.
List any other conditions/barriers relevant to creating global competencies within the co-curriculum.

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Faculty resistance to change

Lack of administrative support


General student “apathy” and lack of enthusiasm on the part of student leadership

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