Work, Matters! : Passion drives results

In sales, you must demonstrate your passion to your customers. If you feel very proud of what you can do for your customers, they will connect with your enthusiasm, and be interested in what you sell.

I was invited as a presenter for a sales and communications conference recently.

The organisers wanted me to speak to the participants about how they can leverage on passion, and how this impacts their ability to sell.

I really enjoy addressing sales symposia. The people attending these sessions have a different vibe and their level of enthusiasm is quite off the charts. I have noticed that most successful sales-based entrepreneurs have a similar trait. They have understood that they must really like people, and that they need to be authentic about their passion.

In my training programmes for sales teams, I do not really offer tools or “how-to-techniques” on closing sales. Instead, my programmes concentrate on creating an internal operating system to ensure that sales people connect with passion.

Think about the times when you have not realised you needed something, but you have still gone ahead and bought it anyway. I am certain that it was because the person, who sold it to you, was absolutely convincing. They successfully influenced you to decide that you needed what they were selling.

And, this ability to be an influencer is firmly grounded on passion.

Passion is arguably the most effective sales tool, and it is displayed in people who genuinely care. You must be willing to take the time to serve your customers in whatever manner necessary.

People who are really passionate about their products or services will understand that they cannot fake it. Their approach has to be genuinely founded on enthusiasm, and a belief that they are being useful to others.

In the conference I mentioned earlier, I focused on getting the attendees to connect with purpose and become passionate about their products or services.

As I spoke, I noticed that most of them resonated with this idea of connecting deeply with what they did. They understood that only if they truly believed in what they were selling, they can influence their customers.

And because they believed so strongly in what they offered, their hunger shone through.

If you work in sales, I want to remind you that your potential clients can tell when you are enjoying what you do. Your customers will recognise when you are not into the job. They will sniff you out easily.

A customer needs to sense three things from you if you want to be a successful sales person.

You must show them clearly through your communication that you are glad to be in front of them; that you know what you are talking about; and that you truly love what you do.

This exhibition of desire to your customer is what closes the deal.

If you don’t have passion for what you’re selling, the prospect won’t either. So, working on your belief and attitude is critical for sales success.

Now I know some of you reading this might say that you are not in sales and this is not applicable to you. But, nothing is further than truth. All of us are selling one thing or another.

Every day, at work, you have to convince the people who employed you that they made the right decision in hiring you. And, that you are a suitable candidate for being promoted.

In my book, “So, You Want To Get Promoted?” I share that the first key towards any career growth is for you to get noticed for the right reasons. You have to “sell” yourself correctly to get noticed.

Every employer wants their staff to show that they are glad to be at work; know what they are talking about; and have a real genuine interest in their job.

In sales, you must demonstrate your passion to your customers. If you feel very proud of what you can do for your customers, they will connect with your enthusiasm, and be interested in what you sell.

This is exactly how it works in your career, too. Your bosses are in fact your customer. And they must know and feel that you are interested in working with them, and are passionate about using your skills.

As you communicate, your bosses want you to exude energy and excitement in your body deportment, and movement. For many employers this single factor plays a huge role in deciding whether to hire you, or to promote and offer you bigger responsibilities.

Your voice is a key indicator of your passion. Put some effort into your voice by speaking with energy, and commitment. There’s nothing worse than listening to an employee drone on about something unenthusiastically.

When you communicate with colleagues and line leaders, be interested in maintaining connection. As you concentrate while interacting, you show that you are interested in them. It also helps you gauge their reactions to you.

Remember, you might say, “I am not in sales; as that kind of work is just not for me…” but the reality is that you most definitely are.

By Shankar R. Santhiram.

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