What is Form Six?

Form Six classes have started. Orientation programmes are going on. Students who have been offered places in Form Six are requested to register as early as possible in the respective schools.

Many out there are still undecided whether to do Form Six or not. For their benefit let us look at Form Six this week.

Students who have completed upper secondary education and SPM Examination are eligible to do Form Six, if they meet the general and specific terms for the respective streams for 3 terms.

There are two streams offered in Form Six education which are Social Science and Science.


The general requirement for entry into Form Six is pass SPM examination with credit in Bahasa Malaysia.

For students to qualify entry into the Social Science stream, the number of units for three best subjects must not exceed 12, as for entry into the Science stream, this number must not exceed 18 units while for entry into Religious Studies, it must not exceed 14 units.

All applications can be made online and candidates who do not get an offer can appeal to the respective State Education Departments.


a. Term 1:  May to November

26 weeks including

Teaching and Learning

Coursework (for certain subjects)

Term 1 Examination (P1)

b. Term 2:  January to May

20 weeks including

Learning and Teaching

Coursework (for certain subjects)

Term 2 Examination (P2)

c. Term 3:  May to November

26 weeks including

Learning and Teaching

Coursework (for certain subjects)

Term 3 Examination (P3), Repeat Examination 1 (U1), and Repeat Examination 2 (U2)

Contents of the curriculum are divided into 3 sections according to grouping of topics or according to the suitability of the respective fields of study to accommodate the three terms namely, P1, P2 and P3 for a duration of the 1 ½ years course.


Form Six Centres Are Divided Into Three Modes:

Mode1: Schools with at least 12 classes of Form Six students only and the students are taught specifically by Form Six teachers who are appointed by MOE.

MODE 2: Schools with at least 12 classes of Form Six operating as part of the mainstream schools having their own block of classes or buildings. MODE 2 centres are under the administration of the mainstream Principal and the Form Six Administrative Assistant.

MODE 3: Schools with less than 12 classes or are located in the rural area, with no hostel facilities or public transportation and operate within the mainstream schools.


A total of 22 subjects are offered in the new assessment system of STPM.

However, the students could only select four or five subjects, including Pengajian Am which is a compulsory subject.

MUET is also a compulsory subject for all STPM students.


General Studies

Malay Language

Chinese Language

Tamil Language

Arabic Language

Literature in English

Communicative Malay Literature






Business study


Mathematics (M)

Mathematics (T)

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)




Sports Science

Visual Arts


It is compulsory for all Form Six students to be involved in the co-curricular activities.

10 per cent of the marks awarded will be based on the two highest marks obtained in the following areas:



Uniform bodies


Assessment is conducted through term end centralised examination (weightage 60 per cent – 80 per cent) and coursework (weightage 20 per cent – 40 per cent). The percentage of weightage differs according to subject.

Students must sit for the term end centralised examinations P1, P2 and P3. Students are also required to do coursework.

Students will receive their examination results every term.

They can improve their P1 and P2 results by sitting for U1 and/or U2 examinations. Students must also complete the coursework.

The assessment and examination results of the students are based on the results they obtained in all three terms.

The overall STPM examination results are the best cumulative results of the 3 terms as follows:

Best Result [(P1 or U1) + (P2 or U2) +P3 + coursework]


Examination fees for four or/and five subjects are waived for all government schools and government aided school candidates with the exception of private school candidates and private candidates.

Career Information

If you are selected for Form Six, you are very fortunate.

Do you know Form Six is Free. If you do any other Pre-U you need between RM 12,000 – 40,000.

Again you cannot apply for any PTPTN loan. Which means that you need to pay with your own funds. Give it a good thought !

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