PM: Any good delivery system will fail without good users

Prime Minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad delivers his speech during the launch of the myPortfolio system at Perdana Putra. -NSTP/LUQMAN HAKIM ZUBIR
PUTRAJAYA: Any good system will fall apart if its users fail to use it properly, Prime Minister tells civil servants today.

He said this during the launch of myPortfolio, an enhanced desk file and work manual procedures for the public sector aimed at improving the government’s delivery system

“My advice to all civil servants, a system or any method of doing things, no matter how good it is, will not take off successfully if the users fail to use it honestly, with discipline and enthusiasm,” he said after chairing the 8th Special Cabinet Committee on Anti-Corruption (JKKMAR).

Dr Mahathir said should the government manage to further improve public delivery system, it could create an eco-system that would support heightened competitiveness at global level through various business-friendly approaches.

These positive results, he added, would benefit Malaysia and its people including providing jobs and contributing to the government coffers.

Nonetheless, the prime minister said, once Malaysia had secured global recognition and reaped benefits from better government delivery, the civil sector could not afford to stay stagnant, without doing continuous improvements to the existing system.

“An efficient delivery system will make it easy and more transparent for the people to deal with the government. The business community will need efficient, fast and accurate services so that the cost can be lowered and competitive.”

Dr Mahathir thanked the Chief Secretary to the Government and the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Unit (MAMPU) for their continuous efforts to improve the government delivery system with the latest initiative via the myPortfolio system.

ortfolio has organised and simplified the desk file and the work procedure manual into 10 components compared to 22 components previously.

Each component clearly delineates the organisational chart, functional chart, work flow and job description.

Job description is a new element introduced in myPortfolio not seen in the desk file and work procedure manual previously. It outlines the purpose of creating a particular post and the main duties and responsibilities held by the personnel holding the post.

This ingle document is able to fulfil the needs of several Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development functions including recruitment, selection, appraisal, job evaluation, training aside from restructuring and facilitating ease of planning and management of human capital in the public sector.

During the launching of Cuepacs Premier Assembly at University Putra Malaysia last March, Dr Mahathir Mohamad highlighted the importance of flow chart for civil servants to execute their task efficiently.

In line with Dr Mahathir’s demand, flow charts have been given prominence in myPortfolio.

The flow chart clearly identifies the personnel responsible for a specific task, the process involved in executing the task and the duration for each task. This flow chart also promotes better understanding of processes thus allows room for continuous improvement.

By Azura AbasHashini Kavishtri Kannan.

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