What is a Foundation programme?

Students who were not offered a Government Matriculation Program want to obtain a Pre-U qualification so that they can enter a Private university.

Usually students don’t want to take the STPM because they were told that it is a very tough examination to pass. Even if you re-sit, you cannot pass the STPM.

At least that is what students  hear from their friends.

They don’t want to take the A levels because for the past 11 years they were learning all the subjects in Bahasa Malaysia.

They know that A Levels is in English. They will have a tough time passing A Levels – according to their peers.

So, what options do you have? Well, just take the Foundation Program and join the degree program the following year.

That is the current trend among students.

You have all kinds of Foundation Programs available, such as:-

Foundation in Business

Foundation in Arts

Foundation in Law

Foundation in Engineering

Foundation in Natural and Built Environments (FNBE)

Foundation in Science (for entry into Bioscience/Culinary Science/Medicine/Pharmacy/etc.)

Foundation in Computing

Foundation in Information Technology

Foundation in Communication

Foundation in Design

You name it and there will be a Foundation Program tailor-made for you. Even if you completed your SPM in the Arts stream, you can still switch to do a Foundation in Science.

Once you complete it, you can do Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Computer Science, etc.

What are the Advantages of pursuing a foundation programme ?

1.    You will study the subjects that are specific to the course you plan to take at degree level. If you are going to study Medicine, your Foundation Programme will be in Science.

If you intend to do a Degree in Information Technology, your Foundation Programme will be in Computer Science.

2.    A Foundation Programme is an instant Pre-U. You don’t have to study for 2 years like STPM and A Levels. It is quicker than other pre-university programmes.

3.    A Foundation programme will cost you approximately RM 10,000 to complete. It is the cheapest route to a degree. Some Colleges and Universities even offer FREE Foundation Programs provided you do a degree with them.

4.    The Foundation Programme is not an external examination.

The assessment style is usually a combination of coursework, continual assessment and a final exam, but the weighting of each assessment depends on the college

What are the disadvantages ?

1.    Once you have started on a Foundation Programme you cannot switch programmes. If you are taking courses such as  Foundation in IT, Music, Business, Architecture, etc. you will not find it easy to switch majors.

2.    The Government Universities do not recognize the Foundation Programme offered by Private Colleges and Universities. So the chances of you going back to Government Universities is practically NIL.

3.    Other colleges and universities,  both locally and abroad, may  not automatically recognise the foundation programme you have completed.

Career Tips

It looks like the more Pre-U choices you have, the more confusing it would be – both for students and parents.

The best advice would be to know all about the Pre-U program before you enroll.

Once you have enrolled there is no turning back and your money will be burnt. Remember, it is also very difficult to get any loan for Foundation Programmes. You need to find your owns funds.

by K. Krishnan.

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