Exposing students to English

Farah Mardhy says the ministry is working with international schools to provide students an ecosystem to speak English.

STUDENTS will get to practise speaking English under the Education Ministry’s latest effort to boost proficiency in the language.

Soon, our students can mingle with their peers in international schools under a new programme by the ministry, said the Education Ministry’s English Language Teaching Centre director Farah Mardhy Aman.

An international school in Johor has already agreed to the proposal, she said.

“We’re hoping this will lead to more collaborations with other international schools so that our students can go and immerse themselves in an English-speaking ecosystem.

“When our students go over, they will communicate in English because of the environment there, ” she said, adding that engaging the corporate sector was among the ministry’s efforts to boost proficiency.

Speaking to reporters during the Sunway-Oxbridge Essay Competition prize-giving ceremony on July 27 at Sunway University, she said since the Malaysia Education Blueprint was launched in 2013, the command of the language has improved.

“The ministry is very proud of the involvement of schools – through their own initiative – in activities like the Sunway-Oxbridge Essay Competition because it means that they are motivated to do better.

“We hope to see more of these kinds of opportunities being initiated by the private sector.”

The mastery of English is paramount for students to become a citizen of the world who can contribute meaningfully to a better and brighter future, she said earlier in her speech.

“The ministry recognises the importance of English in the development of our nation’s competitive edge as it is the language used in many aspects of global interactions.

“Hence, we have employed multiple practical measures and policies to guarantee that our children, the future leaders and role models of Malaysia, have a strong command of the language.”

While the government and the private sector are undertaking all these steps to improve English proficiency among Malaysians, this national agenda requires the collective effort and support from all Malaysians in order to succeed, she said.

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