Advice to student counsellors

LAHAD DATU: The role of counsellors is not only to provide student counselling services but also to assist teachers in cultivating good values ​​in the school. Therefore, each counsellor is responsible for developing their skills in dealing with current issues and challenges.

Malaysian Counselling Board (LKM) President Assoc Prof Dr Wan Marzuki Wan Jaafar said The Continuing Professional Development Programme for registered counsellors is an integrated effort of the Board of Counsellors to ensure that they are provided with knowledge, skills and professional practice through well-planned and systematic training programmes so that the counsellors can provide the best ethical service to the community.
“Therefore, I urge every registered counsellor to constantly improve their skills through various professional development activities so that we can be more competent in providing counselling services for the community’s benefit,” he said.
He said this at a recent Lahad Datu District Education Office Counselling Enhancement Workshop held at the Open University Malaysia (OUM) here.

The programme is co-organised by the Lahad Datu PPD Psychology and Counselling Unit (UPsK), OUM and the District Council of Counselling Teachers.

The event saw 50 participants from counsellors from schools, public and private agencies including Counselling Teachers from Lahad Datu, Kunak and Tawau participating in the workshop.

The programme was officiated by UPsK Counselling Officer Abdul Nasil Taibon representing Lahad Datu District Education Officer.

The workshop was also held to ensure that Guidance and Counselling Teachers were always relevant to the “educational transformation” that focused on quality student and school enrolment by 2025.
“As a unit focused on teacher competence, the workshop is helpful in providing the sharing of current information and current knowledge to counsellors and guidance counsellors,” he said.

By: Ibrahim Tabir.

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