Being in arts, science stream doesn’t define our future

SPM students getting ready for their exam in Seremban. FILE PIC

SIJIL Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia examinations start this month.

SPM is seen by many as the key factor in one’s future. The SPM papers are based on either science and arts stream. For some reason, some of us were put into the science stream and others, the arts.

There are students who fight their way into the science stream in the belief that it would bring them pride and respect from others, whereas the arts are seen as for those who were weak in their studies.

This perception is worsened by parents who believe this myth.

I was interested in physics and chemistry, which drove me to become a science student.

Students should see things from a different point of view and rebuke claims saying science is for top students, whereas the arts are for those who lag in their studies. After all, you do not need Biology or Add Maths to be a lawyer.

There are many people from the arts stream who excelled in school and their success has shaped them into wonderful individuals.

Nobody should be defined in such a way in the education system.

In this sense, the proposal by the government to abolish streaming should be well received.

Some parents should drop the mindset that being a straight A student will guarantee a bright future for their child, as other factors come into consideration.

There are many people who did not excel in school but became successful in life.

For example, Datuk Lat, who mentioned that he wasn’t a bright student, but succeeded through storytelling using drawings. He was also an arts student.

Let us wait and see what it is like for the new generation of students to be streamless.

By Gregory Kong.

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