Start saving now for a fulfilling retirement

Pension is very important in our lives because it guarantees the future as we age.

MALAYSIANS face many challenges when it comes to planning their retirement years, such as insufficient savings or increasing medical expenses.

Most think saving can start later, rather than earlier.

However, they need cash to live on in their retirement years, as well as to finance their healthcare. Commitments can be fulfilled if there is financial planning.

The best way is by saving 10 per cent of your monthly income for retirement. Sometimes, people do not save their money, but spend it on luxurious items and lifestyle.

By having this kind of lifestyle, people delay paying off their debts and preparing for retirement.

Retirement planning ensures people can save enough to live the lifestyle they want when they retire. Those with a low income need more financial planning than others.

To prepare a retirement plan, one must have a financial plan prepared by a professional or downloaded from apps.

Next, don’t cash out on all investments once you’ve retired. This will ensure that your retirement assets continue to grow optimally

In preparing for retirement, young workers search for information based on technology.

But there is a lack of knowledge among employees about health, lifestyle and new professions.

A pension is important because it guarantees our future as we age.

Create a retirement plan that enables retirees to identify income and expenses.

It is not too late for young workers to set their financial plans today to have a brighter future.


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