Learn the right technique to teach sexuality education for adolescents with special needs

HAVING the birds and the bees talk with your children is never easy –what more with children with special needs.

“Parents of adolescents with special needs should be aware and understand the techniques in delivering the correct information to their children about sexuality education and other sexuality-related issues such as their physical development and changes in their bodies,” says Prof Dr. Loh Sau Cheong.

To prevent further misunderstanding, physical and emotional harm, proper and correct sexuality education is crucial in helping the adolescents with special needs grow healthily towards adulthood, she adds.

It is with this aim that the National Association of Special Education (NASE Malaysia) is collaborating with NGO Protect and Save the Children to organise a sexuality education seminar for adolescents with special needs this coming Saturday, Dec 7, at Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.

Apart from delivering knowledge and techniques regarding sexuality education to parents, caretakers and teachers involved with adolescents with special needs, the seminar aims at raising awareness of sexuality education in the community.

“Most of Malaysian schools will mainly focus on sex education instead of sexuality education. Sex education teaches mainly about human bodies.

“However, sexuality education includes other issues such as emotional relations and responsibilities,” explains Prof Loh, who is also honorary secretary of NASE.

She points out that information and materials on sexuality education for adolescent with special needs are limited and hard to be obtain.

“With the seminar, we hope we can reach out to individuals and groups who are associated or working closely with adolescents with special needs,” she says.

Stakeholders need to be well prepared and equipped with the right knowledge and skills to handle adolescent with special needs sexual development, Shaney Cheng, senior case worker from Protect and Save the Children, concurs.

Cheng, who is one of the speakers at the seminar, says it is vital to to teach sexuality education to adolescent with special needs sensitively and effectively.

Cheng will also share tips on protecting adolescents with special needs from sexual violence and sexual harassment, as well as how to handle these special children’s trauma if they become victims.

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