Platform to produce literary talents

Maszlee says the ministry will ensure that government schools create a national literary corner from next year to cultivate a love for literature.

DEWAN Bahasa dan Pustaka is proposing the establishment of an “Akademi Sasterawan Harapan” as a platform to produce more literary talents.

Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik said the effort to establish the academy could be carried out with the assistance of talented writers and guided or coached by national laureates who were still around.

He said the academy should start with intakes from primary schools, secondary schools up to universities.

“We know national laureates come and go and also various programmes have been organised but what I want to point out is to restore the learning tradition, we want to create writers from a very young age. ” he said.

Maszlee was speaking at the presentation of the Malaysia Premier Literary Award and “Hadiah Sastera Tunas Cipta” 2017/2018.

In addition, starting next year, Maszlee said the ministry would also ensure that government schools create a national literary corner to cultivate a love for literature.At a ceremony aimed at recognising the country’s national laureates, winners of several categories were honoured for their novels, short stories, poems, essays and literary critics.

Among them was the recipient of the Prominent Journalist Award Tan Sri Johan Jaaffar who won in two categories, the first for the autobiography “Jejak Seni Dari Pentas Bangsawan ke Media Prima Berhad” and the other for the short drama category titled “Pokok”, to take home RM9,500. -

by Bernama.

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