Have a realistic outlook

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AS we welcome 2020, we should have a realistic outlook of life. Life is not a bed of roses. Time and again, we have been reminded that to achieve anything in life, one must struggle hard.

A farmer will not see his harvest if he fails to toil the land. No flower will bloom if it is not provided with water and sunlight. It goes without saying that our children will not be able to make the grade if they are lazy and refuse to study.

We should not envy the wealthy who have amassed millions because they have toiled during their youth. It is only through hard work and perseverance that they are where they are today.

How do you think the mamak restaurants survive in every Penang street corner if not for their effort and hard work to survive in a highly competitive environment?

The road ahead is long. We should not be contented with hiding in our comfort zone. We cannot rest on our laurels. The world does not owe us anything. We need to strive hard if we plan to accomplish what we set out to do. No other Asian nation but Japan can claim to be the first to defeat a European nation.

Japan defeated Russian superior maritime power in the 19th century. Who else if not the Japanese who bombed Pearl Harbour in 1941 that destroyed the United States’ air superiority.

If you have used Japanese cars and electronic products, which are used in almost every household, you will wonder how, in a short span of time, Japan became so successful.

Look at Hiroshima today. It was bombed by the Allied forces in 1945 and thousands died. Many of those who survived suffer to this day. The Japanese did not look back. What was destroyed, they rebuilt.

Today Hiroshima can be proud of its superb infrastructure and beautiful landscape.

For 2020, let’s get motivated and keep working.


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