Sabah Skill Training Entrepreneur Program attracts 100 single mothers

TUARAN: Around 100 single mothers in the district attended the ‘Sabah Skill Training Entrepreneur Program’ by United Sabah Islamic Association (USIA) yesterday at An-Nur Mosque here.

The programme is intended to provide single mothers with exposure and useful information on the entrepreneur field to improve their family income.

The one-day briefing was conducted by Nuvis Sabah Training & Consultancy Sdn Bhd (NSTC) which is also a certified training center under the Ministry of Human Resources.

According to managing director Ani Mohd Ridzuan, the briefings not only touched on career skills in the field of entrepreneurship but also exposed participants to courses that were specifically created to fulfill the needs and demands of the latest industry skills in Malaysia. The certificates were at Level 2 & 3 skills certification for courses such as Hairdressing, Barber, Surgeons, Makeup, Reflexology, Spa Therapy, Photography and Reiki Therapy.

She said since its operations 23 years ago, NSTC has produced more than 2,000 internships across Malaysia and outside of the country.

“There are also some of our former students who are now running their small businesses, through phone applications and through our franchise programmes.

“We are focusing on this area of expertise in view of the demand from a relentless employer to supply with such skilled employees in the field. In fact, this field is also one of youths’ ‘favorite’ especially in improving their profile careers as this is an encouraging request from the employer and it promises them high career prospects as well as industry potential,” said Ani, adding that seven of their former students are now working in Melbourne and Perth. Also present was Tuaran Community Development Leader Rahman Jali.

In his speech, he also called for such programmes to be sustainable in the future as well as extended to youths and the hardcore poor.


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