Moulding future English language experts

Celebrating the achievements of 42 non-option English teachers at a convocation ceremony.

THE Education Ministry’s English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) has always taken the initiative to support all English language teachers on their journey towards becoming masters of the subject.

One such effort is the Add Option Intervention Programme (or Program Intervensi tambah Opsyen Bahasa Inggeris (Pito BI)).

This programme focuses on enhancing the English language proficiency among the non-option English language teachers in national primary schools.

It also aims at upskilling the non-option teachers with approaches and strategies in teaching English language in the primary school classrooms.

In 2019, ELTC has trained 101 non-option English language teachers from all over the nation.

Pito BI is a programme managed by the Language and Literacy Department headed by Dr T Vanitha Thanabalan. The department’s members are Nor Ashikin Alawi, Amarjit kaur, Nurliyana Ismail and Nor Izni Mohd Hassan.

To celebrate the commitment and achievement of participants from the Pito BI Cohort 2 2019, ELTC, with the collaboration of state education departments, organised a convocation ceremony. Held in Institut Aminuddin Baki on Nov 18, the ceremony was held for 42 non-option primary school English language teachers from Pahang, Johor, Perak, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

They completed three phases of the course namely two face-to-face interactions and one online. They were awarded Pito BI certificates.

It was officiated by Documentation and Publication Department head Kamariah Samsuddin, who represented ELTC director Farah Mardhy Aman

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