Poor SPM results don’t mean the end of the world

The future is in your hands as examinations are part of life. FILE PIC

LETTERS: EVERY year, less than two per cent of the nearly 390,000 students who sat the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) exam were considered high achievers. The remaining 98 per cent who did not score all As or missed an A for a single subject would feel miserable.

Scoring As does not guarantee success in life. Success is subjective and it differs from one individual to another.

The vast majority of students score mediocre results in SPM. Some go to college and technical institutes while others join the workforce or venture into business.

The ones who become successful do it through hard work, perseverance and self belief.

Your future is in your hands. No matter what you get for the SPM, it is not the end of the world.

Academic intelligence does not guarantee success.

Our school system only tests and grades students according to their academic prowess.

Academic intelligence does not take into account the multiple intelligences of students.

Just look at successful people in the country and in the world. Many were failures in school but had other extraordinary intelligence and skills that helped them succeed.

Creativity, good communication skills, talent, passion, hard work, perseverance, determination and a positive attitude are among the qualities they need to be successful.

Let us not equate success with money and wealth.

There is more to success, as illustrated in this anecdote.

A teacher once asked pupils what they wanted to be when they grow up.

Nearly all the children in the class listed all the professions of the world — doctor, teacher, lawyer, pilot and engineer.

One child, however, put up his hand and said that he wanted to be happy in life.

The teacher said the child had misunderstood the question.

The child replied that the teacher had misunderstood life.

That child grew up to be John Lennon of the Beatles.

Many are under the impression that good examination results will get them lucrative careers that will buy them happiness and success.

Money does not buy success and happiness.

Money can buy you a bed but not sleep. Money can buy you books but not education.

Money can buy you medicine but not health. Money can buy you luxuries but not entertainment. Money can buy you accessories and finery but not beauty.

Money can buy you religion but not salvation.

What is important in life is to be happy and make others happy.
External factors like success and wealth give you temporal happiness, but friendships, relationships and contentment give you love, joy, peace and lasting happiness.

So, those who are not high achievers in SPM, “lift your chin and walk tall, follow your heart, do what you think is best, believe in yourself and you will be happy and successful in life”.


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