Most students happy with dates set by Education Ministry

PETALING JAYA: Candidates for major school examinations are happy with the new dates (see chart) given by the Education Ministry.

Form Five student Nura Hanesa Haslimi of SMK Aminuddin Baki, Kuala Lumpur, now just wants to focus on sitting for SPM and finishing secondary school.

“I prefer the SPM to be held in January rather than February or March even though it means sacrificing my year-end holidays (for revision) and the New Year celebration.”

Worried that a delay in the exam could mean a later start to her tertiary education, Nura Hanesa was confident that students would have enough time to prepare.

A Form Five student from Selangor who declined to be named also preferred SPM to be held in January even though the new dates were “too near the school holidays”.

“Although online classes held during the movement control order (MCO) are helpful, it is not as effective as face-to-face learning.

“So having the exams in January gives us enough time to study and prepare, ” she said, adding that she was grateful to teachers who worked tirelessly to ensure their students’ academic progress and well-being.

Although she would have liked more time for revision, Form Five student Sudeepta Suresh Kumar from SMK Bandar Utama Damansara 4 does not want the ministry to delay the exam dates anymore as it will affect her college admission.

“I’d rather sit for the exam in January than to push it any further. We’ve already wasted nearly three months during the MCO.”

Another Form Five student who wanted to be identified as Nairobi, was glad the ministry finally announced the exam dates.

He hoped students would be able to complete the syllabus and revision in time.

“Conducting exams later would cause problems such as space issues for other students.”

Form Five student Jasmine Loh Velu from SMP (P) Methodist, Ipoh, said she was in no rush to sit for SPM.

“It is too near the holidays, which seems rather unfair to both students and teachers. I would love the extra time to catch up on all that I’ve missed during the lockdown instead of rushing through it, ” she said.

A teacher from Selangor said it would be best if exams were held earlier. Otherwise, the new batch of 2021 students and their teachers would have to start school later.

“Teachers welcome the move but please don’t keep us in the dark.

“Unless the ministry decides to start the 2021 schedule for the other secondary school students in March, I don’t think teachers who have to mark exam papers at the same time will be able to cope with next year’s classes, ” he said, warning that senior teachers could opt for early retirement due to the added stress and pressure of working non-stop.

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