NST Leader: Hire local talent

Local talent also helps companies achieve a  workforce that can help contribute to a company’s growth goals. - NSTP/AIZUDDIN SAADLocal talent also helps companies achieve a workforce that can help contribute to a company’s growth goals. – NSTP/AIZUDDIN SAAD

THERE can be no denying that Covid-19 has played merry hell with our economy. Thanks to the pandemic, the government was forced to institute a Movement Control Order. As the months went by, businesses began to go under and many people lost their jobs.

So far this year, 78,800 people have been laid off from work. This goes across the board; it does not just affect those in the B40 category as some 38 per cent of lay-offs have been in the professional and managerial category.

But, as the government began to get a handle on the pandemic within our hallowed shores, things began to look up.

Slowly, but surely, the nation’s economy is recovering as business activities have restarted. The various government measures and assistance have also helped.

More needs to be done, though — for the nation’s economy and our own financial situations — to get back to where it was before the blighted coronavirus. The good news — we can all help get us there.

Recently, Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri M. Saravanan urged employers to hire locals, adding that job retention and creation were critical in supporting the country’s economic recovery.

It only makes sense. If the people are employed, then they have greater purchasing power. Greater purchasing power means businesses will benefit. If businesses benefit, the economy does, too.

The Human Resources Ministry, in fact, has prioritised the hiring of local talents. It was this that culminated in the hiring incentive programme, PenjanaKerjaya, announced by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin back in June.

Saravanan says the initiative has seen a substantial increase in jobseeker registration in the past two and a half months. PenjanaKerjaya has also led to an increase in the registration of vacancies and hiring of local talents.

Reportedly, more than 46,000 people have found jobs since the programme began, a number that is quite encouraging. Kudos to the government and ministry for a job well done.

However, we must remember that this would not even be a near success without local businesses hiring local talents. Yes, these businesses get an incentive for hiring locals.

This is something that must be kept up. Local businesses need to ensure they hire local talent or the economy will take a long time to recover.

Locals know the market, the culture and may be able to build better relationships with existing customers or help expand the market with new clients.

Local talent also helps companies achieve a workforce that can help contribute to a company’s growth goals.

Considering that each year Malaysia produces some 50,000 fresh graduates, it is logical that companies open up more opportunities for them.

It has been difficult in recent years for our graduates to get jobs. The going may be tougher this year and in the immediate future. This is where companies and enterprises can lend a hand.

Some of the best practices on hiring locals can be seen in Saudi Arabia through its Saudization scheme, where Saudi companies are required to hire locals for their workforce and Singapore’s Job Support Scheme, where incentives are provided for employers who hire and retain local employees.

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