Be sure you love teaching before joining the profession

I AM quite disappointed with the views expressed in the letter “Teachers should be treated better,” (The Star, April 12).

There is too much grumbling and complaints between the lines.

Government school teachers should be thankful to their boss, the Government.

There is only recruitment and retirement in the teaching profession.

Have you ever heard of any retrenchment of teachers?

Teaching in government schools is such a laid-back career as it is not affected by the economic downturn or other circumstances.

Moreover, most school teachers still have enough energy and free time to do part-time job such as tuition, direct sales and insurance, or help their spouse to run a business.

On top of that, they have salary increments every year and are paid allowances regardless of how bad the economy is.

They enjoy about 78 days of holidays annually, excluding public holidays.

So, what else do teachers want? Teaching is a noble profession and people should be sure that they love teaching before joining the profession.

by Angry parent.

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