Malaysian Teacher Standards

Education Deputy Director-General (General Professional Development) Datin Asariah Mior Shaharuddin, said that the much-awaited list of standards that touch on a teacher’s level of skills, knowledge and basic values; or better known as the Malaysian Teacher Standards will be¬†launched soon. The list will serve as guidelines for teachers to develop professional values, knowledge and understanding while acquiring the relevant skills in teaching.

” Once it is launched, teachers can take a self – appraisal which will be a part of the teaching standards, and gauge what level they are at”, ¬†she said. The teachers can then plan and take the relevant steps to ensure they can meet the teaching standards.

Datin Asariah also added that as a start, the self appraisals will be carried out on a voluntary basis. Headmasters and principals would also be encouraged to take part in the self-appraisal to gauge what levels they are at.


by Karen Chapman, The Star Online, 28 June 2009.

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