‘Schools should work with police liaison officers’

KUALA LUMPUR: Police liaison officers continue to visit schools regularly to interact with students and teachers in a bid to stop students from being involved in gangsterism and other crimes.

A police spokesman said the visits occurred once a month and were conducted by officers from either the nearest police station or the district headquarters.

“The school and the parent-teacher association (PTA) should cooperate with the police. Feedback from them is important because they are involved with the school on a more regular basis compared with the liaison officers,” said the spokesman.
Federal Criminal Investigation Department principal assistant director (anti-vice, secret society and gaming) Datuk Hasnan Hassan, however, said gangsterism was not widespread in Malaysian schools.

He said cases involving students were mainly isolated incidents of fights breaking out, and police investigations revealed that secret society gangs were not recruiting students.

“Police investigate the reports, which are either lodged by teachers or the victims. But it has to be clarified that bullying is not an indication of gangsterism.
“If there is extortion or elements of gangsterism, then police will investigate the students involved and who they are linked with outside the school.

“Once secret society members are identified, police will arrest these suspects and hold them under preventive laws.”

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