Too few schools, too many students

RAWANG: Social problems could be the reason for the escalation of disciplinary problems at the co-ed SMK Seri Garing in Rawang.

Rawang state assemblyman Gan Pei Nei said the majority of students in that school come from families in the lower-income group.

“Checks revealed that most of the parents are not well off, forcing them to work long hours. This does not give them enough time to spend with their children,” Gan said. “Some are so poor that they cannot send all their children to school.”

She said Rawang used to be a plantation area before it was rapidly developed.

“Despite the boom, not many schools were opened here, resulting in existing schools like SMK Seri Garing having more than 3,000 students. The school had to accept students from the surrounding six housing areas.”

Despite the bad publicity the school had been receiving of late, Gan pointed out that this was one of the best schools in Rawang.

“It has produced students with good results throughout the years, making it a much sought-after school,” she said. Gan suggested that vocational-type schools and community colleges, such as those established in Selayang, be opened in Rawang to cater for students and youths who were not keen on attending normal classes.

She also said that despite the bad publicity, the school did not actually suffer from serious disciplinary problems.

“The problems faced in that school are similar to those experienced in other schools.”

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