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FALLING sick these days is by no means a cheap matter and, depending on the medical attention you require, the cost can easily run into the thousands. This is why some individuals delay seeking treatment. The EPF Medical Withdrawal scheme permits a member to access retirement savings to pay for his/her or their loved ones’ medical treatment.

Q: Who can apply for this withdrawal?
A: If you are below the age of 55 and have a balance in Account 2, you can apply for this withdrawal to pay for your or your family’s medical treatment of critical illnesses.

Q: Can I make a withdrawal to pay for my wife’s medical treatment of critical illnesses?
A: Yes, this scheme is available not only to members but also to your spouses, parents or siblings.

Q: What is covered under this medical withdrawal scheme?
A: This withdrawal is designed to assist you, as an EPF member, with the expenses of seeking medical treatment in severe cases that might not be covered by any medical coverage provided by your employer.

It covers a full range of critical illness, namely major organ transplant, coronary bypass surgery, multiple sclerosis, stroke and cancer. For the full list, refer to our website,

Q: How frequently can I apply for this withdrawal?

A: You may continue to apply for this withdrawal to pay for the treatment of critical illnesses as long as there is a balance in your Account 2, subject to the maximum amount eligible for withdrawal.

Q: Can I apply for this withdrawal if my medical expenses have been borne by my employer?

A: No, you cannot. However, if the medical coverage covered by the employer is not adequate, then you may submit an application to withdraw the balance of the medical expenses incurred.

Q: How much can I withdraw?

A: You can withdraw the actual medical treatment cost or all of your balance in Account 2, whichever is lower. If part of the medical treatment is being borne by the employer, you can withdraw the balance of medical treatment costs not covered by the employer, subject to the available balance in your Account 2.

Q: So how do I apply for this withdrawal?

A: You are required to complete the EPF 9D (AHL) form and provide certified true copies of your identity card, the medical report from the specialist issued by the hospital or medical institute, the original medical examination bills, which must not be more than a year old from the date issued by the hospital or medical institute, and a letter of confirmation from your employer to determine if the medical expense has been borne by the employer.

For overseas medical treatment, you need to provide an approximate cost of treatment.

You also need to produce proof of relationship between you and the patient and your bank account book or your current account statements of an account that is still active.

Q: How will the payments be made?

A: For local treatment, payment is made directly to the hospital after the original medical bill is received, while payment for overseas treatment is made via direct crediting to your bank account, based on the estimated medical cost. For reimbursement, payments will be directly credited into your bank account.

For further enquiries regarding withdrawal for medical treatment, contact EPF’s Call Centre at 03-8922 6000 or log on to

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