Students’ progress in line with capabilities

A NEW curriculum for primary and secondary schools will be introduced.

The current Integrated Primary School Curriculum will be replaced by the Standard Primary School Curriculum in 2011 and this is to be followed by a new curriculum for secondary schools.

Modular in design, the curriculum will provide an avenue for students to progress according to their capabilities and nurture them to be responsible for their own learning through exploration to unleash their potential.

The curriculum will emphasise on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship across all subjects as inculcating values and ethics from a young age is key to the character building of an individual.

The new curriculum will incorporate the principles of 1Malaysia in the teaching approach to deliver education. In addition to develop well-rounded students that excel academically and in sports, the new curriculum will include sports as a subject beginning 2011.

Under the ‘1Student, 1Sports’ policy, each student is required to take up at least one sport.

Secondary school students would get 90 minutes while primary school pupils would spend 60 minutes a week to play a game of their choice.

The annual sports grant would be increased to RM4 from RM2.40 per primary school pupil and RM4 to RM6 for secondary school students.

Public-private partnerships in the provision of basic education allows significant autonomy to school operators in exchange for delivering specified improvements in student outcomes under a formal performance contract. Examples include charter schools in the United States, specialist schools and academy schools in the United Kingdom and independent schools in Sweden. Similarly, such partnerships has existed in Malaysia in some independent Chinese schools.

The Government will introduce the Trust School framework for selected existing government schools.

Trust schools are government schools that are managed jointly by private partners and civil service school leaders under the umbrella of the Education Ministry.

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