More emphasis on technical and vocational training

TECHNICAL education and vocational training (Tevt) is being given as much importance as the more traditional academic pathway of tertiary education under the 10MP.

The plan states that enrolment in TEVT must be significantly increased to upskill the workforce in order for Malaysia to become a high-income economy. Four strategies are to be adopted during the five-year period to achieve this goal.

Starting next year, development and streamlining of the Tevt curriculum will come under the Human Resources Ministry’s Skills Development Department. Previously, curriculum development was done by a number of agencies under different ministries.

The Malaysian Skills Certificate will also be adopted as the national certification for Tevt. Among the measures taken to enhance the recognition of the certificate are allowing it as an entry qualification for more public service programmes and tertiary courses beginning 2011.

It will also be compulsory for workers in selected occupations to have the certification beginning 2012.

To upgrade Tevt programmes in line with industry requirements, the Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology will be established at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

The institute’s goal will be to enhance collaboration and networking with Japan in the technical and engineering fields.

For funding, a total of RM150mil will be set aside to train 20,000 school dropouts between 2011 and 2015.

Government funding for public Tevt institutions, as well as financial assistance for students, will be allocated based on performance.

Similarly, the number of students sponsored to private Tevt institutions will be dependent on the institution’s performance.

A system will be introduced to rate the performance of all Tevt institutions to assist the Government’s decisions.

To provide highly-skilled instructors for Tevt courses, flexible pathways of entry designed to encourage highly experienced industry personnel to become Tevt instructors will be created.

Part-time working arrangements will also be expanded to tap into the pool of industry experts who want to both teach and maintain their industry jobs.

To improve public perception of Tevt and attract more trainees, a national media campaign will be run to emphasise the benefits and opportunities of undergoing Tevt.

School counsellors will be responsible for following students from Form Four until tertiary education to ensure that as many students as possible continue their post-secondary education.

Among the options they are to present to students and parents is Tevt, vocational and skills streams in technical schools will also be rebranded.

Some 69 out of 88 technical schools will be converted into vocational schools, while six new vocational schools will be established by 2015.

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