Time to bring back the cane

I REFER to the letter “Public caning should be brought back” (NST, June 9).
There is a dire need to bring back the cane in view of the escalating disciplinary problems in schools. This is partly because many parents have lost control of their children and are unable to keep them in check.

Children of today put the kids of yesteryear to shame with their boldness, aggressiveness and violence.

Many youths as young as 14 and 15 years old are running wild and rioting in the dead of the night without the knowledge of their parents.
Reports of them driving without licence, drinking, having orgies and the Mat Rempit menace are just some of the social problems that have been highlighted. These juvenile delinquents need to be caned to put them in place.

Recently, several 14-year-olds were involved in molesting and raping a mentally-challenged student in a classroom.

These menacing youngsters were a terror in their school, instilling much fear and torment among fellow students and teachers. Their reign of terror went on for a few months in a secondary school in Rawang.

Some secondary schools are besieged by a host of disciplinary problems. Smoking, bullying, gangsterism, rebelliousness, indifference to teachers, being rude and violent, watching pornography and engaging in sexual assaults are some of the common disciplinary problems faced by some secondary schools.

These are symptoms of an education system that needs to be revamped. Most of the students with such disciplinary problems have no academic inclination and are not interested in studying.

They are in school because of a system that puts them there through automatic promotion. Many of them fare badly in school and public examinations. So, they create disciplinary problems in class and school.

These non-academically-inclined students should be sent to vocational or technical schools where they can learn or take up some skills to which they are more inclined.

Having them in normal schools is a sheer waste of human potential and a nerve-racking experience for other students and teachers.

So, the short-term solution to indiscipline in schools is to bring back the cane.

Teachers should be given the authority to wield power to bring order in the classroom and school.

Public caning would reduce the disciplinary problems in schools. Fear and pain can bring them to their senses.

Psychology and counselling sessions may not work with these hardcore students; only pukul-logy can discipline them.

Spare the rod and you will definitely spoil the child.

by Samuel Yesuiah, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

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