Teenagers are not ready to be parents, says psychologist

PETALING JAYA: Teenagers who are below 16 years old are still immature physically, mentally and emotionally and are definitely not ready to be parents, said child psychologist Datuk Dr Chiam Heng Keng.

“A girl below 16 years old is not ready to bear the heavy responsibility of being a parent,” she said.

“Once she gets pregnant during her teenage years, she will be deprived of the chance of personal development as she will have to give her full attention to her baby.”

Dr Chiam said research had also shown that in most teen pregnancies, the mothers involved had always regretted their action as they had missed out on their childhood and adolescent life.

“Most teenagers are not ready when pregnancy occurs. They will often feel caught in a trap and experience resentment, anger and frustration,” she said.

Dr Chiam added that even if they decide to get married, very few would be able to form a happy family life.

“When the parents are not prepared to start a family, they are also unable to provide security and stability to their child.

“This will affect the child’s development, especially during the first five years which is crucial,” she said.

Dr Chiam said the main reason for underage pregnancies was parents’ failure to provide their children with the proper moral values. “If children are disciplined, they will not become sexually intimate when they date.

“Their values will also hold them back from having sex before marriage.”

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