Limitation of Education.

The quality of a student’s education is so important that it should be the number one goal of everybody – parents, teachers, community, stakeholders. Whether we like it or not, the students today are the leaders of tomorrow. They are getting the torch passed down to them from their elder. The problem is what are they going to do with the torch – if they are not getting quality education?

There are many problems that limit the quality of a student’s education. One problem is that there are not enough skilled and talented teachers to teach, expose and show how exciting education can be.  This plays a huge role in the education and the safety of students. For example if a fight were to take place between students -  a teacher who cares about the students would try to break it up; while a teacher who does not care and is just there for a pay check would let the students fight and destroy each other. This leaves the safety of the students up in the air.

On the other hand, it the students were taught conflict mediation, the students could have squashed the problems between them with a conversation and a simple handshake. In a overcrowded school this does not happen because the good teacher have so many students that some just cannot get to the students in time to stop conflicts. These are all factors that can and will affect the quality of a student’s education.

Government budgets also affect the quality of education. Insufficient budget hinders  school from implementing well-planned after school programmes to keep the students off the streets and out of trouble. Studies indicated that students get into the most trouble between the hours of 3.00pm and 8.00pm. This time-frame spans from school dismissal till evening / night time. If the schools can implement effective after school programmes – this will provide opportunities for students to get the best possible education they can; including giving the extra help to the students who needed most.

Getting a good education is the best and most beneficial thing that a person can do for themselves. The fact is when the quality of a student’s education is diminished the one and only chance that student have at making their dreams come true is also diminished. A lack of good teachers and supplies, combined with insufficient government funding make students’ education more challenging than it need to be.

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