Better to educate kids on risks of premarital sex

I refer to the article “No sex please, we’re students” (The Star, July 29) on abstinence from sex before marriage to be introduced in schools.

A similar programme was introduced in the US and students were encouraged to submit written pledges to abstain from sex until their marriage.

But the programme failed and, despite the pledge, a higher number of pregnancies was recorded. The students were not prepared and they let their guard down. The fact is that most pregnancies were not planned; they happened because the students failed to take precautions.

Telling students to abstain from sex these days is like telling them not to smoke. Those of us in the front line have a tough time telling girls and boys not to get close. But, alas, our advice falls on deaf ears. Sometimes they think they are in love and give in easily without taking precautions.

Adults are equally vulnerable, but what really keeps us away from trouble is the family. For some, the thought of disappointing their parents deters them from doing anything wrong.

Next is the spiritual development. Children need to be taught the fear of God.

by James Nayagam,

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