Fashion and style – are they the same?

FASHION and style are such subjective issues. Between the two there is a clear difference. Fashion is seasonal and subject to the whims and moods of the current time, generation and thinking. Therefore, it’s easy to pin-point and reference an outfit or look to a certain time frame.

Style however, rests solely on an person’s taste and is individualistic enough to mark the arbiter of it as something wholly personal.

The only thing that makes fashion and style similar is that both can be copied, (rather badly) but the difference, as Yves Saint Laurent said in the oft-mentioned quote, is that “fashions fade, style is eternal”.

A lot of people think they know what fashion is all about. In fact, everyone thinks they know what is fashion to the point that the current fashion is that anyone can be a designer, be it of clothes, shoes, bags or accessories.

What is so difficult about fashion? You look at what the current trends are, what people would most likely want to wear or buy, get a familiar face like whoever the darling of the masses is to wear or carry it, and there you go, you’re in fashion.

Now, if only it were that simple, everyone be the next big thing just like that.

No one wants to talk or think about the reality of the fashion industry – creativity, hard work, passion and commitment. Selling fashion on the Internet is something anyone can do, opening a boutique and stocking it with cheap and fast fashion from our neighbouring countries is child’s play.

Getting your best friend, the style icon to wear it and be photographed is no big deal, especially when you’re friends with people who are in the industry. But what does it take really to make it in the world of fashion? I love this quote from Karl Lagerfeld: “Ask yourself, are you sure this world is for you? And are you sure you are the right person to survive this world – the fashion world, a world with no rules, no laws?” – it puts everything in perspective.

by Dzireena Mahadzir.

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