More environ education for public needed – Sepa

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Environmental Protection Agency (Sepa) president Wong Tack has urged for more environmental education among the public, saying that Sepa is ready to organize environmental talks for schools and corporate bodies.He said most environmental activities were conducted through partnership with the Environmental Action Centre (EAC) which was founded by Sepa and approved in the Parliament.

“All funds went through the Sepa account before it was used.”

Wong explained that Sepa is more issue-oriented while EAC is more towards educational activities, he said when was asked about the activities Sepa has held.

He said Sepa has organized photo exhibitions on recycling and rubbish, as well as partnered with the Rotary Club to make rubbish traps for drains last year. Besides, the agency had also organized environmental talks in churches, temples and schools last year.

“Any corporate bodies or schools that want to organize a talk on recycling or general environmental problems, we are willing to support and talk about it.

“Backyard composting, environment enzyme making,… we have all this information to share.”

Sepa is also going to launch a statewide campaign for one million mudballs for drains next month, he revealed.

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