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The successful launching of “Collegiate Champion” and the signing of the Academic Collaboration Agreement between Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) with SIDMA College Sabah and Sarawak at the Ministry of Higher Learning, Putrajaya on 27 June 2012 paved ways for more academic collaboration between CUCMS and SIDMA.

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Prof Dr. Morni Hj Kambrie, Chairman of SIDMA Sdn Bhd, and CEO SIDMA College Sabah announced that for a start, two courses will be offered at SIDMA Sabah and Sarawak soon.

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The two courses are:

i. Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health (KA10326) JPT/BPP(U) 1000-801/65(32)05/15
ii. Diploma in Paramedic Sciences (PA KA 8874) KPT (JPS) 600-07/65/Jld (50) 07/03

Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS)

CUCMS was officially established on 23rd October 2005 under the Private Higher Education Act 1960; and in line with Malaysian government’s aspiration to further improve the healthcare of Malaysians at large.

Adopting a core mission: “To be a distinctive medical sciences institution of international repute, producing competent healthcare professionals, who are intellectually, emotionally and spiritually balanced;” CUCMS seeks to be university of international standing and a leading medical institution in the region.

According to Prof. Dr. Rosnani Hashim, RPh Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy (CUCMS); Malaysia needs more pharmacists to work in different health sectors by 2020. Currently, the job market is suffering from a shortage of qualified personnel specialized in the areas of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

It was reported in the New Straits Times (dated 22 February 2005) that Malaysia is in need of an additional 3,300 doctors, 700 specialists, 600 pharmacists, 500 dentists and 130,000 nurses.

It was also expected that by the year 2020, the ratio of pharmacist to the population of Malaysia should be at 1:2000.

Dr. Rosnani also stressed that CUCMS is putting greater emphasis on the expansion and development of clinical and social pharmacy at par with other disciplines of pharmacy, such as Medical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmacy Management and Administration, Consultancy, Research and Development.

New areas of pharmacy such as military pharmacy, disaster management and activity such as Young MERCY will also be introduced.

All successful CUCMS graduates are well-prepared for a successful and rewarding career in the pharmaceutical practice, industry and academia.

Briefly about the Program to be offered:

1. Diploma in Occupational Safety and health (KA10326) JPT/BPP(U) 1000-801/65(32) 05/15

This program prepares students of safety and health with knowledge and skills that enable them to bring about change in the way safety and health being perceived and thus able to create better understanding on the potential and health hazards at work. The practical component of this program exposes students to real working environment, and the research component enhances the student’s cognitive and analytical skills to better understand safety and health issues at workplace.

Students completing this program will be able to:

- Integrate all taught knowledge and skills efficiently and effectively to create safe and healthy working environment
- Reduce and minimize near misses and incidents at workplace
- Conduct HIRAC and improvise safety of work activities
- Develop training programs to enhance safety and health awareness among staff members and employees
- Conduct research and develop strategies to achieve optimal safety and health performances in line with organizational goals
- Assist organization to comply with occupational standards and regulatory requirements

Admission and Requirements:

A pass in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with minimum of 3 credits or O-level (3 credits)

2. Diploma in Paramedic Sciences. (PA KA 8874) (KPT(JPS)600-07/65/Jld.II(50)07/13)

CUCMS is the pioneer medical institution and the first in Malaysia to conduct and award the Diploma in Paramedic Sciences program. The program has been approved by the Private Higher Education Management Sector, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia; the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and the Ministry of Health. Accreditation with a major Australian institution is also in progress.

The program is specially designed for persons with a commitment in seeking a very rewarding professional career development as an accredited internationally recognized Paramedic.

The Paramedic is one who is highly trained professionally, providing dedicated, efficient and compassionate pre-hospital care of acutely ill and injured persons at the primary level. He provides quality management to patients or victims with all forms of trauma, medical crisis and emergencies.

They are trained for all emergency situations, disaster management and Emergency Medical Services management. The training is highly skills based, centered on problem based learning, best practice methods and urban communities.

Improving the quality of pre-hospital care, disaster management and providing excellent emergency service to the Malaysian public at a time when health crisis is given top priority.

Admission and Requirements:

A pass in Sijil Pelajaran Malaaysia (SPM) with minimum of 3 credits

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