Executive Summary-Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025

In October 2011, the Ministry of Education launched a comprehensive review of the education system in Malaysia in order to develop a new National Education Blueprint. This decision was made in the context of rising international education standards, the Government’s aspiration of better preparing Malaysia’s children for the needs of the 21st century, and increased public and parental expectations of education policy. Over the course of 11 months, the Ministry drew on many sources of inputs, from education experts at UNESCO, World Bank, OECD, and six  local universities, to principals, teachers, parents, and students from every state in Malaysia.  The result is a preliminary Blueprint that evaluates the performance of Malaysia’s education system against historical starting points and international benchmarks.

The Blueprint also offers a vision of the education system and students that Malaysia both needs and deserves, and suggests 11 strategic and operational shifts that would be required to achieve that vision. The Ministry hopes that this effort will inform the national discussion on how to fundamentally transform Malaysia’s education system, and will seek feedback from across the community on this preliminary effort before  finalising the Blueprint in December 2012

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